Using - Photomania

Using - Viewer

The Viewer window contains three main areas:

Viewer toolbar: Located at the top of the Viewer, toolbar provides shortcut buttons to commonly used tools and commands, such as the zoom and scroll tools. You can set the options on the toolbar to show or hide the toolbar, and to use new or old style.

View area: This is the main Viewer area, where the current image file is displayed.

Status bar: Located at the bottom of the View area, the Status bar displays information and properties for the current image or media file.

Using - Viewer toolbar

a) part - files:

[Set As Wallpaper] - use the current image as the Wallpaper for your Desktop. To delete a file in the Viewer: Click [Move image to bin].

b) - part slideshow:

Use the [Next File] tool on the toolbar. The viewer displays the next supported file. Use the [Previous File] button on the toolbar. The viewer displays the previous supported file, in reverse sequence. To start the slide show, press [slide show start]. To stop, press [slide show stop].

c) - part view:

[Zoom in] will enlarge the image.[Zoom out] will reduce the image. The [Center image] command will return the image to normal size.


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